Wagering Guide

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Whether you’re a new or an experienced online casino player, you’ve surely heard of wagering already. In this casino wagering guide, you’ll find out what wagering requirements are, how to calculate them and finally the most important: how to beat them.


Wagering requirements

But first things first: What even are wagering requirements? And what role do they play in the world of online casinos? In general, a wager is to be considered a bet or an amount of money which the player spends on an online casino game. Most online casino bonuses come with a wagering requirement connected to it.

But what is a wagering requirement then? A wagering requirement is how many times the player must play the amount of bonus money before they are allowed to withdraw the cash they won. Bonuses usually come with a number of times the player must play before withdrawing. Additional potential conditions bonuses come with include a minimum withdrawal limit or the aforementioned wagering requirement.

How do I calculate the wagering requirement for a bonus?

Now, in order to understand how wagering requirements work, you’ll need to understand the theory of how to calculate it. It will also help you find a casino that fits your budget. For you to understand how it works, it will be easiest to check out an example: Imagine a casino with a $60 bonus which has conditions of a $20 minimum deposit and a wagering requirement of 5x. Therefore $60(casino bonus) x5(wager)= $300. This means in order for you to be allowed to withdraw money, you must wager $300.

Why do wagering requirements exist?

You might be wondering why online casinos would bother you with such an inconvenience. But rest assured, it is not a trick for casinos to get more money from you. In fact, there is a simple reason for it: Wagering requirements exist in order for casinos to comply with anti-money laundering rules and regulations. If these weren’t in place, it would be easier for immoral people to clean their money by immediately withdrawing after depositing.

How to beat the wagering requirements

Now the most important question: How does one find a way around these wagering requirements? There are a few things you will want to pay attention to when trying to avoid the hassle of wagering requirements. First of all, do your research and carefully select your casino. Make sure it is licensed by a trustworthy gaming authority like MGA. Licensed casinos have pledged to obey rules and regulations, and they are continuously being controlled. This assures your money and data is safe. Second, choose the right games when you’re trying to fulfill your wagering requirements. Some game types like table games may only count 10% towards completing your wagering, whereas slots are likely to have a higher weighting.


So, in conclusion, one can state that wagering requirements are not avoidable, but there are some things the player can pay attention to. Hopefully, this online casino wagering guide was of help, and now you understand the world of wagering a bit more. Now the only thing left to do is get playing!