Volatility Guide

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Online slot machine: Recognize the volatility of a slot!

Would you like to start playing slot machines, but you still know little about this world? Or are you already an experienced player surfing the many online casinos looking for the best promotion? Either way, you have something to learn throughout this casino volatility guide.

Whether you are a rookie or a beginner of video slots, reading this online casino volatility guide will surely be useful. We are dealing with a significant term if you are a fan of the world of slots: volatility. You have already read this word but would like to learn more about it so that you can consciously choose the next slot machines to have fun and win. Let’s see together what this is all about.


What is volatility?

By volatility of a particular slot machine, we mean the risk associated with it. For example, what a player can expect from the video slot at the end of the session. This also depends on winning’s frequency, and the amount of money played. Slot machines are therefore divided into two categories, high volatility and low volatility.

How to know which category a specific slot belongs to?

To make it easy to choose which of the many slots on the market to start having fun with, many online casinos allow you to make an ad hoc search. For example, some online casino allows you to search by filtering the different slots by volatility. It starts from a minimum score of 1 to a maximum of 5, depending on the slot’s volatility.

High volatility

This category includes video slots that involve a higher risk for players. Such slots usually offer better payouts, but winning combinations tend to occur much less frequently. However, when they payout, slots with higher volatility give you great prizes.

These slots are the right option if you are a patient player with a larger budget, and you are almost willing to run out of until you can get a more than consistent payout. Usually, games in this category are characterized by little action.

Low volatility

Consequently, those that are categorized slots with low volatility present fewer intrinsic risks for players. In low volatility slots, players tend to get winning combinations more often, but the winnings are much milder.

On the other hand, however, these games are characterized by a lot of action, so they are more addictive and hardly dull. The bonus is undoubtedly the feature that tends to keep the relationship with the players more over time.

Do slots with low or high volatility pay more?

We can’t answer this question, so shortly, it all depends on the playstyle. A slot with high variance gives the thrill of great wins, maybe with a little patience. High volatility slots can pay well if you have a stake that can make at least 70-80 spin, so they are suitable for players who like to bet a lot.

A slot with low volatility is more suitable for those players who want to play not excessive amounts but still have the chance to try to win a fair amount. The victories should be more frequent and not too high in quantities, but there is always the luck factor!

Play consciously

You will indeed have more precise ideas now, and you can decide which slot option you are more oriented to. After reading this online casino volatility guide, you can start searching for the slot that suits you best with the volatility filter.