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Understanding the variance in online slots

Want to know when your favorite slots are ready to pay big money? Let’s explore the notion of variance in online slot machines through this online casino variance guide.

With thousands of online slots available, it can be challenging to know which ones to choose. Even if you are a recreational player, understanding variance and volatility is essential. Let’s take an in-depth reading at the casino variance guide about how the slot system changes from game to game.


What is slot variance?

You will hear two terms when it comes to online slots: variance and volatility. They are the same thing. The variance of a slot represents the way the game pays players. A high variance slot will pay large irregular amounts. A low variance slot will pay lesser amounts at short intervals. If an online slot has a huge progressive jackpot or a bonus that pays millions of coins for features, it will likely be highly volatile. If the game has a low jackpot or no bonus, it will undoubtedly have low variance. In what ways can you know if a game has high or low variance?

How the variance works in online slots

If you do not have the bankroll for a long session, there are other ways to find out if your favorite slots are volatile or not.

The RTP percentage is the first thing many gamblers look at. All online slots have an RTP or Return to Player percentage. Usually, you will find the RTP in the slot payment table. The higher the RTP%, the more money will be returned to the player in the long term. A low percentage of RTP does not necessarily equate to low or high volatility. You might have a game with a low maximum jackpot that pays regularly but still has a low total RTP percentage. However, it’s possible that a slot with 98 percent RTP and an enormous jackpot is a volatile slot also.

An effective way to solve the variance is to find the paytable and check the winnings in it. Take a look at the difference between the highest payout for five of a type and the lowest payout for five classes. If the difference is big enough, it means that the game is volatile.

The variance and the bonus features

Other factors come into play when processing the volatility of a slot. In case a game has many bonuses, for example, free spins or a progressive jackpot, the slot variance could be very high. In that case, the game will activate these unique features very often.

The arrangement of symbols on the reels can also determine the variance. If the high pay symbols are concentrated on the last three reels, for example, and the winning lines go from left to right, it will be harder for the player to hit a winning combination.


The best way to find the slots you prefer is to try them for free. On the casino variance guide, there are hundreds of games to try. You can choose either one of these slot types because your own preferences matter the most. We are sure that you can enjoy them both and have fun while playing!


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What do I have to look out for when looking for a reputable online casino? 

Fairness and security at online casinos are bigger than normal casinos. This is because online casinos have nearly no scams while actual casinos have a couple of them, such as canceling player winning if the jackpot is too big for the casino to pay, confiscating player winnings, casino ignoring player support request, hidden terms that are difficult to find and slow or no pay. These scams cannot be found in good online casinos. Of course, online casinos with a bad reputation sometimes have some scams involved in them but luckily review sites, and customer experiences exist to warn you from these. Luckily there a couple of safeguards that can lead you to a safe and legit online casino. 

The signals and signs to search for

Data encryption, online casinos use 128 or 256-bit encryption. 

This means that any line sort of personal or financial information you send over to the casino will be transferred into strings of unbreakable code. This is the same level of protection high-grade banks use for their online banking and can give you a great sense of security. A good way to know if the online casinos have this is by looking at the toolbar. It should say “https://…” instead of “http://…” The s stands for security and means that your information is encrypted.

Random number generators

this is the algorithm that is used to deal with the games. This number is not known by anybody and is why it is unhackable and fair to play at the casino. Often, third parties such as TST (Technical Systems Testing) gets access to online casinos and tests if this is actually true, they test on different levels such as game and mathematics evaluations, RNG evaluations, poker system audits, live dealer, sportsbook, or betting exchange evaluations and other aspects to make sure that it is actually safe and an unknown number.

Privacy policies

Privacy policies are policies that tell you what happens with the information you submit at your preferred online casino. Maybe they plan to sell your name, email, phone number, etc. The policy will tell you this. Definitely read the terms and conditions before signing up with them. It is usually at the bottom of their website.

Gaming licenses

Gaming licenses are the core of online casinos. These licenses permit them to open their doors to the public. In order to get one, the casino gets checked by multiple authorities before getting their license, and over the coming years and months, they continue to get checked. Most online casinos are proud of their license and post it at the bottom of their website for users to see, and it’s a good way to see if the casino is legit or not.

Another feature to look into when searching for the perfect online casino is customer service. How quick are they, are they helpful, and do they work 24/7 or not. A brief talk with them should already answer these questions. However, it might be that at a certain time, for example, during the middle of the night, a bot is at work and not an actual person.

Don’t forget the reviews

The last thing to definitely check before you submit yourself to an online casino is checking the reviews. There are countless sites where you can read full reviews written by companies about certain popular casinos. These reviews give all-around information about the online casinos, how they operate, the company, and how legit they are. It is very beneficial because in some cases finding information on the casino’s website might be difficult. This is where these reviews come in. They note everything down in an easy list and readable headings so you can pick and choose which portion you want to see, all on one website. 

On the other hand, there are also customer reviews. Customer reviews can give a potential user a look into how the experience is with a specific online casino. Companies can write what they want, but sometimes they only spent a couple of hours or minutes on the site before writing the review. Customers’ reviews are different, and these are often users who have spent countless hours and day gambling at the online casino and know the details and the ins and outs of the website. This gives them an advantage when writing reviews and is why you should definitely check them out.

Fortunately, you can find this on the website Here you’ll be able to find perfect reviews and read interesting blogs about online casinos. Every region and country can look this up, a definite recommendation if you want to find all the necessary information on one website.

Where can I find the best Online Casinos?  

Google gives you hundreds of options when you search for an online casino, and it will take a lot of time searching through every single one of them before stumbling upon one that seems good. Luckily there is With this website, you can easily select a couple of parameters such as region, what games you want to play, languages, etc. hit search, and the website will automatically offer you a bunch of online casinos that fit your search. This is the best way to find an online casino fit for you.

Step by step guide to register

Choose the perfect online casino, follow our guide on what to look for, and make sure you make some comparisons with other casinos before you submit to them. Search for information on online casinos and guides on the website of

  1. Open your account once you’ve found the perfect casino for you and your playstyle. Fill in your special details such as name, address, email, and phone number and proceed. Now you’re officially a part of their team.
  2. Deposit and look for bonuses. There are always some bonuses to win, and this is also important for step one. Afterward, make the best fitting deposit, don’t deposit too much to begin but make sure that you’re deposit also hits the requirements to get the bonus. Deposits can usually be made with credit and debit cards, Skrill, E-wallets, bank transfer, and money transfer services.
  3. Now comes the best part, play. Choose your favorite poker table, slot game, or literally anything else, start betting and win some amazing prizes.