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Table games: Everything you need to know
Online roulette guide

In this online roulette guide, we make a complete overview of what can be considered the basic rules of roulette necessary to understand how to move around the game table. Roulette is the classic casino game that is undoubtedly the most famous and appreciated by players worldwide. For centuries, roulette has been a fun game for players.

Throughout this online roulette guide, we will refer to the European or French roulette, which differs from the American one for the absence of a number: the double zero.


The roulette components

The gaming table is divided into the cylinder (the actual roulette) and the carpet on which the bets are placed. The wheel contains 37 squares from 0 to 36 in random order: the zero is green, while the other numbers are alternately red or black. The position of the numbers on the wheel may vary depending on the version, but the odds of winning for each type of bet remain the same if there are no extra numbers (like the double zero in American roulette). The carpet also has the same 37 squares of the cylinder, in this case, sorted numerically in ascending order, flanked by other squares that are used to place different types of bets.

Before the beginning of each bet, the wheel is stopped, and the table is empty. Players can use tokens, more commonly known as chips, to make their bets by placing them on the boxes on the carpet. In online roulette, the player can select the chips’ value through a graphical interface and then place them by clicking on the boxes with the mouse or with a “tap” on the touchscreen. When the bets are finished, the wheel on which a ball is thrown is activated. When the wheel stops the ball’s position on one of the available boxes, it decides which bets are winning and which ones are losing.

Online blackjack guide

Blackjack is a straightforward card game in which the bank margin is relatively small, two factors that have made it the most played casino game ever. Here is a simple online blackjack guide to explain the basic rules to learn blackjack.

In blackjack, the player bets against the bank. The game’s goal is to get a higher score than the bank, trying to reach 21 but without exceeding it. For this reason, blackjack is also called “21”. Who exceeds 21 “gets high” and loses the game. The bet is made only at the beginning of each hand.

Each participant has only two cards; then, it is up to the player to decide whether to ask for more cards or not.

The blackjack gameplay

Before initiating the game, the player has to place a bet by setting the chosen amount of chips in the right box on the table. Once the bet is placed, the game starts, and the cards are dealt.

The bank and the player get two cards: those of the player are uncovered, while one of the bank’s cards is covered. The player can, therefore, only guess what the bank’s score might be.

Without considering a couple of situations that we will deal with later on, the actions that the player can take at this point are essentially two:

  • Ask for another card (hit): The player receives an additional card, whose score is added to the two cards in the opening hand. This action can be done more than once if the score does not exceed 21. If the player misses the hand, he is considered a loser.
  • Decide to stop (stay): The player closes the hand with the current score without further action.

Once the player has finished his actions and his score is decided, the dealer takes the initiative, also showing his covered card. The dealer does not have total freedom of choice but must follow two rules:

  • If his score is lower than 17, he is forced to ask for more cards (hit) until the score is equal or higher than 17.
  • If his score is equal or higher than 17, he must stay. At this point, the dealer and the player’s scores, if neither of them has high and therefore lost the hand, are compared. The higher one decrees the winner.
Texas Hold’em guide

Texas Hold’em poker is definitely a game that needs skills. Even though it is a card game and the outcome can’t be fully predictable, there are many components that affect the gameplay. For example, courage and ability, intelligence, cunning, and skills can make a huge difference. Some new online casinos offer Texas Hold’em online, and you can play it with the newest software. We are sure you’ll be surprised by the security and quality the casino sites can offer. In our live casino guide, you can learn everything important about this exciting game.

How to play the game

There should be two players in Texas Hold’em at a minimum, but the maximum amount is ten. The goal is to have the highest score possible by using combinations of the dealt cards. Each player will get two cards, and there will be five cards on the table for everyone. For the combination, you must use five cards.