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Slots: Everything you need to know

Online slot machines have transformed the way slot games are played. While it was possible to have fun with slot machines exclusively in land casinos and bars, today, you can play online thanks to the many casinos that offer virtual slot machines. The gaming experience has improved thanks to the casino slot guide incredibly and has become much more engaging and exciting.

This online casino slot guide presents everything you need to know about playing and winning online slots, from the essential elements to the most important strategies.


Basic elements

Knowing the elements of an online slot machine is what allows you to play and win more consciously: Various components appear on the screen, and each of them has its importance.

Rollers and lines

The first element is one of the reels. Each reel has different symbols, and, at the end of the round, their arrangement will allow you to get a win more or less high depending on the symbols that appear on the winning lines. Each bet will enable you to set one or more paylines to cover different positions of the reels’ symbols. All symbols that will appear along the chosen lines will contribute to the win and, depending on their importance, will grow to a more or less high reward.


Online slot machines can accommodate from three reels to a dozen, although there is no precise limit. Usually, the most common slots have five reels and allow you to set different winning lines. The more winning lines you choose, the more chances you have of creating winning combinations at each round.

Paylines (winning lines or betting lines)

There are slots where users can decide how many lines to play with even though most new slots have fixed lines (you bet on all of them). The number of lines varies from a minimum of 1-5 to a maximum of even thousands of lines. If we want to define a standard numeric range, slots have from 20 to 40 winning lines.


The value of the winning also depends on the symbols. Whether they are basic symbols or special symbols, no slot machine does not have its winning symbols. Some special symbols are the wild symbol (or wildcard) and the scatter symbol, which allows you to win higher numbers or unlock special game functions.

Genres and themes

One great thing about online slot machines is that you can have an almost infinite number of games at your disposal in an instant via your portable or fixed devices. Each slot has a story and a theme that sets it apart from the others. The most common ones are famous heroes’ adventures, historical periods, and particular movies or TV series. Plus, there is no lack of nostalgic slots that follow the graphics of mechanical slots of the early 1900s and those focused on individual elements such as diamonds or precious gold bars.

Special elements

As for the particular functions that can be accessed during matches, these are the main ones:

  • Free Spin: Free spins can be unlocked thanks to the appearance of two or more scatter symbols, and the victories achieved during these game sessions contribute to the winnings totalized during a game.
  • Bonus Game: Bonus games are one of the most impressive advanced features of online slot machines. When they start, you can try your hand at small games such as choosing one of several symbols and earn more free spins or additional prizes.
Tricks and strategies

Traditional slot machines, those found in all physical casinos and often in many specific bars and clubs, are easy to study as mechanical devices. Their operation can be analyzed carefully, and in some cases, you can get to formulate playing strategies that prove to be winning.

However, for online slot machines and video slots, it is not possible to use tricks of any kind, but it is still useful to establish a strategy and follow it during the games, not to be surprised by your bets’ outcome.