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What is an online casino bonus?

In the world of casinos, bonuses of all sorts are used to attract new players and promote consistency from already existing players. Online casino bonuses often tend to be confusing and somehow complicated for most players since there are multiple kinds. All online casino bonuses have particular specifications that are provided on their website. Bonuses always come with a playthrough guide which requires and stimulates players to play even more. Online casino bonus guide serves as a road-map to actually realize the bonus. These bonuses come in different forms ranging from free money, gifts, more spins, etc. The most likely and certain groups of users to get bonuses are new customers and consistent customers who get motivated even further.

Generally, casino bonuses can be described as an approach through which a casino secures commitment from users by offering different forms of free gifts, money, etc. This methodology over recent years has proven to be quite lucrative for both casinos and users although there are a couple of restraints and regulations that a company needs to follow. These casino bonuses vary from casino to casino and they are hard to compare with each other. This is where comes in, the website that will help you find the perfect online casino, more about this further in this article.


Kinds of online casino bonuses

Casino bonus guide proves to be very important for all online casinos. A good online casino such as provides you with one of the highest possibilities and probability of challenging the casino and making a profit. There are many different types of online casino bonuses provided by different casino companies which could also be categorized as cashable or non-cashable. Overall, the most popular types of online casino bonuses include; sign-up bonuses, deposit bonuses, free spins bonuses, no-deposit bonuses, cashback bonuses, free trial bonuses.

Sign-up bonus

This is the most popular way through which casinos grant first time users with bonuses. It is sometimes also interchangeably called the welcome bonus since it is offered to customers who just signed-up online. The bonus is mostly awarded based on the user`s first deposit after signing up. While some casinos offer specific bonus amounts for specific first deposits, the majority of others would prefer awarding a bonus to customers in terms of percentage where users get from 100% upwards bonus based on the amount they first-ever deposit to the casino website. Meaning for example, if a customer deposits say $150, the customer is sure to get at least 100% sign-up or first deposit offer which is $150, amounting to a total of $300.

Deposit bonus

A casino deposit bonus gives you additional playable credits in an online casino. This allows you to play with your own money and the additional granted or deposited bonus credit after the deposit. As you may know, the bonus is linked to certain requirements. In general, the real money casino deposit bonus is usually expressed as a percentage of the deposited money: 50 %, 100%, 200%, etc.

No deposit bonus

Just like the name “no-deposit”, it explains you don’t necessarily need to make any deposit before receiving such a bonus. Creating an account with a particular casino offering a “no-deposit” bonus automatically makes you eligible for the bonus. This type of bonus although considered the simplest, is the most difficult type to cashout or withdraws. Most casinos offer this type of bonus to customers in order to get them financially committed to their gaming platforms. This type of bonus is mostly focused on casinos wanting customers to try new game versions.

Free spin bonus

A free spin bonus as a part of a loyalty program, allows the user to perform a certain number of shoots or games free of charge. For example, if you have 10 free spins, you can spin 10 times on a slot without paying any real money. Free spins can be won while playing, but can also be given in the form of a bonus.

Cashback bonus

A money-back bonus is a percentage, usually between 5% and 25%, that applies to the total net losses in a given period or for a given game, and is then credited to your account. At the cashback bonus, players get back a part of their bets, but not from the entire rake, but only from their lost bets within a certain period of time.

Where can I find the best Online Casino Bonuses in the United Kingdom?

When you look up online casinos and bonuses on Google, you’ll be able to find countless websites that refer to one or a couple of online casinos. These sites sometimes get paid to highlight the best features of an online casino. This could lead you in the wrong direction. Often, they will misinform you about the bonuses or tell you about a certain bonus but not include the necessary requirements. This is just withholding important information but not lying. If you want to take a different approach you could search for some of the top online casinos and research which one of them have the best bonuses, it’ll take a ton of time since you’ll have to visit every online casino and look it up and then compare but in the end it will be worth it despite taking up a large amount of time.

Luckily there is a site we can trust and is easy to use, On this website, you can select a couple of parameters such as language, how big of a deposit you want, requirements, and country you’ll be playing from. The website will then give you a fitting list following all these requirements. It helps beginning users to find out what is a good online casino and what isn’t. This website is also an amazing tool for comparing different online casinos with each other. Maybe one casino has a better bonus than the other and it might look appealing. However, the conditions required to receive that bonus could be fairly high and you might not reach them resulting in not getting the bonus.

What should you watch out for when using online casino bonuses?

Every user who registers for an online casino receives a bonus at the start. There is almost no online gambling provider that does not welcome new players with a welcome gift. But also, regular players can enjoy the benefits of bonuses. In the following you will be informed about which rules, pitfalls, and conditions you have to pay attention to. At the same time, this casino bonus guide contains some useful tips to turn your casino bonus into real money.

If you want to estimate the value of the casino bonus, you should take a very close look at the offers. In general, you should not be blinded by the summary and percentage value of the bonus programs. If you would like to receive hundreds of coins as a new welcome bonus, you must provide an equivalent personal contribution. In any case, financial data is not a crucial bonus feature. More important are the bonus conditions. The essential question is which requirements must be met to unlock the bonus? Mainly, the quality of the casino bonus is shown by the following conditions:

  • How many times must the bonus be wagered before it is ready for payout? This so-called rollover factor is specified differently by online casinos.
  • What is the deadline for processing the rollover conditions? The reputable online casinos allow their customer at least one month to meet the requirements.
  • To what extent do the individual games contribute to achieving the rollover targets? Usually, the slots have full value. The table and card games and the video poker machines are included proportionally. For example, with very good bonuses roulette and blackjack achieve a valuable factor up to 25 percent.
  • Besides, there exist limits. Some online casinos limit the game amount per spin or round. Only a fixed profit may be earned from the bonus. Higher profits are canceled without substitution.


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What else to look out for

Transfer methods: One pitfall of the casino bonus can be the deposit. Not all payment methods are always recognized as a bonus relevant.

Rollover requirements: At some online casinos the rollover conditions are not immediately affected by the first bet. The bonuses only come into play when the own money has been used up. This variant has the advantage that after a successful start the winnings may be paid out immediately.

Free spins: The winnings from free spins are usually subject to further play through conditions. The winnings are considered a bonus and must be played through a few more times before a withdrawal is possible.

It is also important to note which casino software you prefer. Not only those that are your favorite games in terms of graphics and action. But also, the payout rate and chances of winning are important.

How do I claim an Online Casino Bonus – a step by step guide

When redeeming the casino bonus, you will usually not face any problems. The activation of the bonus is solved identically at almost all online providers. The following steps will give you an insight:

  1. Register for example at one of the best online casinos Eziobet as a new player by filling out the registration form truthfully.
  2. Make your first deposit. The minimum amount required is usually 10 or 20 pounds. Please note any excluded transfer methods.
  3. Often the bonus is activated directly at the deposit with one click.

To reach out the biggest value from bonuses we provide some tips for new players:

  • Play only games you know about that lead to full turnover.
  • Focus on slots that deliver a wide range of bonuses.
  • In a success phase, refrain from increasing the game amounts just to unlock the bonus faster.
  • Do not exhaust a bonus completely if the necessary personal contribution exceeds your basic financial budget.
  • Try to play as regularly as you can. This will increase the number of bonuses you get.

In some cases, as mentioned before, you do not even have to make a deposit. This means you will receive a free play capital without making a deposit of your own. Sometimes there is also a certain number of free spins to get started. We recommend that you accept these offers because there is no risk for you. If you earn profits, this is perfect, you lose nothing while using the bonuses.

This is always mentioned step-by-step on their website. If this doesn’t work then you can always contact customer support. Send them a short message with your question or problem and they’ll respond quickly. Some problems can occur such as not receiving a bonus or not receiving the correct amount. In cases like this, it is important to contact them because it is your right to receive them, luckily, they are always ready to help you in case of troubles.


Online casino bonuses are amazing, they can provide you with an extra boost when you’re in a bit of a pinch and can aid you towards your next big victory. These bonuses vary in form and type and could bring some extra cash but also some extra free spins and everybody wants them. This is why new and potential users for an online casino should spend their time doing research on where they can receive the best bonus. In this article, we’ve told you about where you can easily find the best online casinos. Use this website to save a ton of time and to find the perfect online casino for you.

Hopefully, our online casino bonus guide has been helpful and you can now find the best bonuses for yourself. We wish you good luck with your next casino game and remember, always check the casino bonuses that could be available for you, they might be part of your next big winnings! There is nothing better than winning the biggest jackpot with the help of the bonus money the casino gifted you.